What is Responsible Research and Innovation – RRI?

The challenges our societies are currently facing are numerous, many of which are addressed by science. Though, a loose connection between research and society may have a wide range of consequences. From being socially isolated and not properly addressing societal challenges, to being ethically contested, not supported by citizens, public authorities or economic players.

RRI is an overarching policy strategy which aims to increase the intensity and the quality of the interactions between scientific research and society, so that research and innovation meet the values, needs and expectations of society in the best way possible.

Research is responsible, many institutions have already set rules regarding gender, ethics or open access to scientific results. The European Commission has made RRI one of the underlying cross-cutting issues of its Horizon 2020 programme in order to enhance this trend and strengthen the societal impact of research.

Responsible Research and Innovation is a new approach to reinforce interactions between science and society
Reinforcing openness in science to create better acceptance of research and innovation, better respond to societal needs, to attract future scientists…

RRI is aimed at changing the state of things directly acting on research institutions, activating structural processes able to profoundly modifying their culture, values, rules and procedures, with respect to five key issues:



Enhancing the current education process so as to provide future researchers and other societal actors with the new capacities for taking responsibility in R&I process and attracting children and youth to maths, science and technology (STEM)



Favoring gender equality within research institutions as a necessary step for modernizing them as well as favoring gender in research and innovation content

Open Access

Making research and innovation transparent and accessible through making open access a reality


Public Engagement

Promoting the engagement of all societal actors – including researchers, citizens, policy-makers, business and industry – in the research and innovation process


Making research and innovation able to respect fundamental rights and ethical standards, to be viewed not as a constraint, but as the main tool for ensuring high quality research results


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