Enhancing Responsible Biosciences

Structural Tranformation to Attain Responsible BIOSciences

STARBIOS2 is a European project that received funding from the Horizon 2020 programme. It aims to implement the Responsible Research and Innovation-RRI approach in research institutions through Action Plans. A model and guidelines will be elaborated based on the Action Plans feedback and experience to facilitate the implementation of RRI in other research institutions.

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Brussels, 27-28 April

STARBIOS2: Responsible Research and Innovation in Bioscience

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Presenting the STARBIOS2 model and guideline for RRI in bioscience!


STARBIOS2 final event

Join us in Brussels, Belgium for our final event "STARBIOS2: Responsible Research and Innovation in Bioscience" 27-28 April 2020.

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Guideline & model

We developed a guidelien and model for implementing RRI in bioscience research organisations.

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Find out how what we learned from implementing RRI in 6 EU countries and 3 countries outside the EU!

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Guideline & model

Based on our experiences we developed a guideline and model for promoting the practice of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in bioscience research organisations.

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Cape Town, 17-18 March

The African and European Experience in Responsible Research and Open Science in Health and Biosciences: Towards a Common Vision?

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Preliminary programme!

Cape Town Workshop

Join us in Cape Town, South Africa for our workshop "The African and European Experience in Responsible Research and Open Science in Health and Biosciences: Towards a Common Vision?" 17-18 March 2020.

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Objectives & Outcomes

STARBIOS2 contributes to the advancement of the RRI strategy by fostering structural change in research institutions

Action Plans (APs)

Implementation of the RRI approach and practices in 6 research departments of biosciences. 3 further APs will be implemented in non-European instutions

Learning Process

Learning Process

Acquisition of new practical knowledge on RRI-oriented structural change processes through APs

Guidelines - RRIModel

Guidelines – RRI Model

Elaboration of guidelines and a model for research institutions to support the implementation and uptake of RRI approach

Responsible Research and Innovation – RRI

The European Commission defines RRI as “a process for better aligning research and innovation with the values, needs and expectations of society. It implies close cooperation between all stakeholders in various strands comprising: science education, definition of research agenda, access to research results and the application of new knowledge in full compliance with gender and ethics considerations.”

RRI comprises 5 key elements:

  • Public Engagement
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Open access
  • Ethics


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