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Meet scientists on European Researchers’ Night 2017

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The European Researchers’ Night (NIGHT) is a public event dedicated to popular science and fun learning that occurs each year since 2005, on the last friday of September. More than 30 European countries, and 300 cities are involved in that event!

European Researchers’ Night 2017 header

What happens during the European Researchers’ Night?

On this night visitors get the opportunity to meet researchers from all disciplines, in unusual and scenic spaces. 

The event invites you to meet science heroes, researchers from all scientific disciplines whose fascinating work can, and will, change our lives.

This is a unique opportunity to endorse these heroes’ cloak by making you a researcher for the night, discovering countless scientific disciplines, and above all, have fun! All these events will take place on Friday 29 September in several hundred cities throughout Europe and in several neighboring countries.

What is the goal of the European Researchers’ Night?

The main objective of the European Researchers’ Night (NIGHT) is to increase research and innovation awareness, and to bring researchers closer to the general public. It showcases what researchers really do for society, as well as promoting research careers to young people.

Agrobioinstitute (ABI) & the European Researchers’ Night!

This year, on Friday, September 29th, ABI will take part of the NIGHT. You will be able to meet scientists from:

About ABI

Agrobioinstitute is one of the most dynamic research structures in Bulgaria. ABI is well equipped for the development and application of various molecular markers and methods of characterization of genetic resources and biodiversity, as well as for gene cloning, expression, and transgenic research. ABI has been selected Centre of Excellence in Plant Biotechnology by the European Commission (1999) and by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education (2009).

You want to become a scientist for one night, participate in scientific activities and have fun? Don’t hesitate to visit ABI from 17pm to 22pm on the 29/09/2017, the entrance is free!

Click on the link below to have more detailed informations on the European Researchers’ Night in ABI.