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Open Access in Biosciences at the University of Primorska

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How do you understand Open Access in biosciences research?

The open access publications enable the new forms of scientific communication, networking and transfer of knowledge. In the so-called “Open Science” movement, teachers and researchers share their research results and information in real time with each other and with the public. With open access, this information can also be used by those persons and institutions that have not previously access to research results and could not finance such access.

Scientists and academics are not the only groups that can benefit from open access publications. The demand from the business sector and individual citizens for access to research results in the form of data in publications is also important.

What are the current standards and actions to achieve better Open Access in your University and in your country?

The departments of biosciences (Biodiversity, Biopsychology and Applied sciences), at the University of Primorska, aim to raise awareness for accessing and sharing research results and publications. Introduction of Open Access policy is relatively new for our University and also to the other research institutions in Slovenia. A brief overview of Open Access situation is presented on the Open Science website. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the National Strategy of Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Slovenia 2015-2020 in September 2015 (ROARMAP record) and the action plan in May 2017.

What are you aiming for with the implementation of the STARBIOS2 actions towards better Open Access standards for your institute?

The project will help researchers to comply with open access obligations and promote a culture of sharing. It will also encourage them to provide open access to research results (produced by and to be used by the University) as well as other types of scientific publications including scientific monographs and books.

What kind of actions are you going to establish to fulfill your objectives?

The provisions of Slovenian national strategies for open access to scientific information prescribe publication in open access. It is required that all publications relating to research results obtained in the framework of nationally funded research be openly accessible. Therefore, action will focus on activities regarding the information about Slovenian national strategies for open access and achievement of compliance with open access requirements. Besides, guidelines focusing on option to find an institutional or data repository to deposit research results, as well as copyright agreement will be discussed.

Who is involved, from your University, in the AP in order to complete your final objective?

The process of structural changes is driven by our core team, dr. Elena Bužan, Sandra Potušek, and Felicita Urzi, with close collaboration of the University library team and other researchers at the department level.


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