Draft guidelines under review - STARBIOS2

Draft guidelines under review

Editorial Team RRI

Right now, external reviewers are looking at the first draft RRI guideline document from the STARBIOS2 project. The text is designed to be a tool for guiding readers in self-reflection over the reasons and ways that different organizations can move towards changing structures to promote responsible research and innovation. We have asked our reviewers to give input and let us know if the text is comprehensible, comprehensive, useable and relevant.

In essence, we are asking if people who are new to RRI and structural change can understand the guideline. We also want to know if we have included everything that is needed to equip the readers to promote RRI practice. Also, we need to know if it is useful, and whether it addresses the problems and challenges that bioscience research organizations face in different countries.

We expect input from the review process in the beginning of June. Which puts us right on track to deliver our final reports in April 2020.

By Josepine Fernow