STARBIOS2 posters at KRAB 2019

Sharing best practice for stronger research collaborations in Poland

Editorial Team RRI

Polish participation in the EU research programmes was in focus when KRAB (the Polish Council of EU Research Project Coordinators) and STARBIOS2 partner University of Gdansk organised its 17th symposium.

STARBIOS2 posters at the event

Aiming to increase Polish participation in EU research programmes, 60 participants shared best practice for management and realization of Polish EU research at the 13-14 June event. University of Gdansk introduced STARBIOS2 to highlight their work on enhancing responsible biosciences.

Professor Krzysztof P. Bielawski presented STARBIOS2: Structural Transformation to Attain Responsible BIOSciences (H2020).
Honorary partons of the event