UNESCO workshop

STARBIOS2 & UNESCO: Towards a sustainable science

Editorial Team RRI

Science and society are connected. Without this connection, European research is at risk. In Paris, on March 19, the STARBIOS2 project hosts a workshop supported by UNESCO on the topic of sustainable science: Towards a sustainable science. A Model of Responsible Research and Innovation in the Biosciences”.

STARBIOS2 is looking to implement structural change geared towards responsible research and innovation in bioscience research institutions. UNESCO have been working for some time on the concept of “sustainability science” and guidelines for the higher education system.

In joining forces, the March 19 workshop is an opportunity to discuss converging and highly relevant approaches and perspectives to strengthen the relationship between science, innovation and society. From general discussion about responsibility and sustainability in science and research to detailed discussions on the model for responsible research and innovation in the biosciences that STARBIOS2 is developing.

We will be tweeting from the event. Follow along under #SustainableScienceRRI on Twitter.

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