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Editorial Team RRI, STARBIOS2


Science is a part of society and co-evolves with it. But science-society relationships are changing, and biosciences are at the core of these changes. Join us for our final event on 29 May, when we discuss the changing relationship between science and society, and what this means for responsible research and innovation (RRI).

Responsible Research in Biosciences: Challenges for mainstreaming

9.00-17.30, 29 May 2020

Transformations in post-modern societies and science production pose new challenges for governance that RRI, or similar approaches, can certainly contribute to face. This may me truer than ever in this period of great emergency related to COVID-19, and will probably continue to be true in the future.

STARBIOS2 has worked for 4 years to produce RRI institutional or “structural” changes in several bioscience organizations. We have learned that for RRI mainstreaming to be successful, we need contextualisation on four levels: organizational, disciplinary/sectoral, geopolitical/cultural, and historical.

The preliminary programme for our final event is now public, and we are looking forward to in-depth discussions on the changing science-society relations and what this means for bioscience, as well as the special COVID-19 themed event that same afternoon.

The STARBIOS2 final event will be dedicated to discussing these challenges for mainstreaming of responsible research in biosciences. We hope to see you there! Register here!

Find out who is speaking ➜ Have a look at the preliminary programme!

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