STARBIOS2 final event

STARBIOS2 final event: Save the date 27-28 April 2020

Editorial Team RRI

The STARBIOS2 consortium will present results at a final event organised in collaboration with the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA), at their offices on 24 Rue Montoyer, Brussels on 27-28 April 2020. The meeting starts after lunch on 27 April, and before lunch on 28 April.

What are the conditions for responsible research and innovation (RRI) in different research fields and geographical contexts? Join us in Brussels 27-28 April 2020 to discuss current changes in science as a whole and the social phenomena that challenge science.

Science and society relations are changing. At the STARBIOS2 final event in Brussels, we present the main results from STARBIOS2: our model and guideline for implementing RRI in bioscience research organisations. Launching indications for European policies and networking about the governance of science/society relations in different research fields and geographical contexts.

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